Hey Hey!


I live a life of constant discovery.

Here are a few I've made along the way:



If you don't know it's a black diamond, it's just like any other hill on the mountain.

This is the day my dad tricked me into conquering my biggest fear: black diamond trails. From then on, I realized fear really is 'all in your head.' 



Being the tallest gal comes with much responsibility.

My grandmother always told me "Height is beauty." [I really took that to heart.]


I love Type II Fun.

[Type II fun= god-awful while you're doing it, but fun after the fact.] This was an unexpectant 8 mile hike. 3 out of 8 of us persisted to see the view.


It's okay to quit.

Sometimes quitting leads you down a better path. In my case, it was hanging up my soccer cleats for a stress-free volleyball career and a lifelong love for running.


Banff, Canada is more magical than disney world.

I may have only been there for a few hours, but boy do I want to go back.


People's true selves come out at 30 feet in the air.

It's quite eye-opening to see people and teams transform when you're all just hanging from a wire. Believe me. I've seen it happen hundreds of times.