Greater DC Diaper Bank

"How can we unify our brand to represent our evolving mission?" 

OUR SOLUTION // By creating a new identity and messaging centered under a necessities-based umbrella brand

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This project was part of my summer internship at AKQA in Washington, DC.



From diapers to necessities

The Greater DC Diaper Bank (GDCDB) began as a 'Diaper Distribution Network' providing struggling individuals in the DC area with access to free diapers. With immediate success garnering in-kind donations, attracting a surplus of volunteers, and growing its ambassador network to a total of 125 individuals; it quickly saw that the need and opportunity for impact was far greater. As such, it expanded beyond diapers with new programs that provide hygiene necessities for the whole family. 




People no longer know what they do or who they stand for.

As we spoke to ambassadors, volunteers, and DC natives it became clear that while GDCDB had expanded further into the anti-poverty sector, its current messaging and identity remained exclusive to its Diaper Distribution Program.  

We identified 3 misconceptions people have about the Greater DC Diaper Bank:


With plans to add two additional programs and expand into a new warehouse facility, GDCDB needed to unify its brand identity and messaging to clearly communicate its mission and engage potential monetary donors.


Our Approach

We wanted to learn how people could empathize with GDCDB's evolving cause. 

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Key Audience Findings

With 3 baby-related programs and 1 women-related program we realized that there is an opportunity to target 2 distinct audiences.


There's a scale to sacrifice.

Parents are emotionally bonded over the everyday sacrifices they make for their kid(s). However, the everyday sacrifices of raising their own kid(s) make it difficult for them to consider the sacrifices others make that are far more extreme. 

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Communications Opportunity:

Showing the scale of sacrifice from those who have and those who have not.


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Access to period necessities is a basic women's right.

The global conversation concerning women’s rights has included the injustices resulting from lack of access to basic health services. Those involved in these conversations may not realize the need for and the impact of local programs that provide hygiene basics to women in their community.

Communications Opportunity:

Reframing a lack of access to hygiene necessities as an injustice to women's rights.




Brand Challenge

Maintaining GDCDB’s strong brand recognition while letting each of its four programs shine as their own brand.





Greater D.C. Diaper Bank empowers families and individuals in need throughout D.C., Maryland, and Virginia by providing an adequate and reliable source for basic baby needs and personal hygiene products.



Greater D.C. Diaper Bank believes we can create, through actions large and small, collective and individual, a community in which families have all they need to thrive.


Brand Identity


Updated Logos

Since GDCDB had strong brand recognition, we didn't want to stray too far away from its original logo, but wanted to elevate their look to be a little more modern and less baby through a new color palette.


Physical look

GDCDB has an ambassador network of 125 individuals who frequently attend or host events on behalf of GDCDB. With their help we can quickly get the word out about GDCDB's new look.


Applying the Brand to Digital


Tailoring interactions to our audience

As we spoke to board members, ambassadors, volunteers, and D.C. natives we found that people are connected to GDCDB in 3 different ways:

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updated website

GDCDB's website lacked transparency and their mission was unclear.  We wanted to make the impact clear across each program while highligting each geographic area affected.


Social channels at a glance

Channels will have different purposes, tailoring interactions according to audience behaviors and digital content use.

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Content Strategy Guide

A large part of my contribution was to create an in-depth content strategy guide that:

  1. Educated clients on best social media practices
  2. Showed the digital/content strategy put into practice
  3. Provided guidelines for optomizing social media posting


Hannah Largen (AD), Blair Purdy (PM), Frannie Murray (PM), Maya Chatila (XD), Tyler Shea (CW), Carly Harrison (ST)


My Role

Creating research guides

Developing brand strategy

Creating content strategy guide

Conducting live interviews and phone interviews with volunteers/ambassadors/board members/partner organizations

Collaborating with copywriter on voice and tone guide

Analyzing digital presence