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When you walk in the deli meat aisle you are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of meats. 

From the fancy prosciutto, chorizo, and the capicolla to the lunch time classics like turkey, roast beef, ham, and chicken breast-Bologna is the 'spam' of the deli meat aisle.

While Oscar Mayer Bologna has top of mind consideration when it comes to bologna meat, it has simply become overlooked in the deli meat aisle.


Our approach

We wanted to uncover why anyone would dare eat the 'spam' of the deli meat aisle.


Key Findings

People either love or hate bologna.

To the bologna lovers, it's a meat reminiscent of their childhood.

"Bologna is the gem of the meat aisle. There's nothing like a fried bologna sandwich." Eliza, bologna lover

To the bologna haters, it's a disgusting mystery meat.

"I'd rather starve than eat bologna." Josh, bologna hater


Bologna is an embarrassing food to love.

A proclamation of one's love for bologna is typically received with disgust and judgement. 


Rekindling bologna lovers' love for bologna and reminding them that we still exist.


Who are we talking to?

Long-time Bologna Lovers

These are the people who eat bologna on the regular. Potentially kids or baby boomers who never grew out of their love for bologna.

Nostalgic Bologna Lovers

Indulge in occasional fried bologna sandwiches like they once did in their childhood but have opted for other (healthier) meats.

Bologna Neutrals [secondary target]

Have yet to make up their mind about bologna because they’ve never tried it.  




When two bologna-lovers meet, they share an instant connection in their mutual guilty pleasure of Oscar Mayer bologna. 

From conversation to conversation we realized that there is an immediate sense of camaraderie in a love for a meat people like to hate.


Rally the bologna believers.


Unite the embarrassed bologna lovers across America by gathering them and empowering them under one, prestigious institution:





A separate 'Knights of the Round Deli Meat' (KotRDM) twitter account will allow knights to unite as part of their order.


To rally the believers and create an exclusive group to tempt bologna neutrals, we want to raise awareness of the knighthood at each step of their shopping trip.


1. the parking lot

Branded parking spots will be exclusive in nature, gaining interest from future knights and providing bologna believers priority parking.


2. Deli meat aisle

In a sea of meats, we want to call attention to the beloved bologna.



3. product

Hidden inside the packaging is a welcome to the order complemented by a passcode for exclusive access to the microsite.


4. microsite

The more bologna people buy, the more points they acquire and the higher they can climb the ranks within the order. Points can also be earned through skills training via the 'The Holy Bologna Quest' game.


5. society swag

Points can be redeemed via the microsite for 'bologna weapons' and society swag.




We will raise awareness of the knighthood at large-scale events through partnerships with the NHL and the NFL. Mid-game entertainment can include the 'Bologna Catapult Challenge.'



GL Richardson (AD), Allie Carr (CW), Carly Harrison (ST)


My Role

Scrappy research [interviews, grocery store visits, secondary internet research]

Developing campaign strategy